New Taxi & PH Licensing Policy Out for Consultation
Ends 05 September 2022

The policy will affect the trade for the next 10 years, this is the trades opportunity to have an impact and your voice heard, please read the new draft policy, and respond with your requests on what should be included or deleted

Click here to view the draft policy

Email your response today to              email subject line: Licensing Policy Response

BLTOA will be responding with the following points:

1. The vehicle testing of one (1) CVMU Compliance Test and one (1) MOT at any garage of the owners choice each year needs to be written into the policy. It’s currently ambiguous and allows the CVMU to conduct the MOT.  Same apply’s to the over 14 years testing also, it requires writing in ”MOT at any garage of the owners choice”

2. The caveat stating the PPC can change the policy for any vehicle they deem fit to 3 Tests a year needs removing from the policy.

3. Exceptional Quality Policy is harsh, the 4 faults need to be change to 6 faults on initial pit test, and 7 thereafter. The CVMU testing is exceptionally subjective and currently has no documented check list and is open to abuse. What passes at 10am will fail on another vehicle at 11am etc.

4. Licensing enforcement officer written procedures must be included in the policy. The current system is unprofessional, un-structured, and subjective. A set format for all compliance enforcement must be documented within the policy.

5. A written CVMU vehicle compliance testing procedures, with itemised check sheets must be included within the policy, the current system is subjective, and depends on who is doing the test.

6. The council should include a definition of what a fit and proper person is and isn’t. The draft policy just allows the council to add anything to fit the agenda at the time of an issue.

7. Wheelchair accessible vehicles should be given a 30% discount on the annual vehicle license fee. These vehicles have high running costs, but give people the opportunity to move around with ease, thus meeting the Government agenda for inclusivity and disability access.

8. Five year ban due to being convicted of using a handheld device must be removed from the policy. Does the same apply to Bus drivers, Tram drivers, All Council personnel, Refuge collectors, Police, Ambulance drivers, etc etc. The five year ban is double Jeopardy and unacceptable as a viable punishment. If the head of licensing is caught using his mobile, will he be sacked and unable to apply for job at the council for 5 years?

Email the council your response today to    email subject line: Licensing Policy Response