BLTOA Membership

Support Your Local Taxi Trade Association 

By becoming a member of BLTOA drivers receive the opportunity of influencing policy decisions. We attend regular Taxi Liaison Meetings with Blackpool Council and these have a direct consequence for the taxi trade in Blackpool. We also have regular Committee Meetings and members are able to request that the Committee discusses issues that are current. All members are able to attend our Annual General Meeting, which takes place each year in May. Food is provided and the cost of this is sponsored by Fylde Coast Replacement taxis.

Membership Fees Year 2023/24 - £50

Membership fees are collected during the latter half of March each year and should be paid by the 1st Tuesday in April. Laurence Hunt is the Treasurer and he prefers payment by cheque or BACS.  Membership forms are available from any of the Committee from Mid-March.

The fee for year 2023/24 has been reduced by 50%, BLTOA recognise the financial of the current inflation issues, and are playing their part in reducing costs for the taxi trade.

Regular Updates

Members who have email can expect to be kept informed on many issues, including road closures, taxi rank issues and anything else that they need to know. Members also qualify for advertising livery, which we are promoting for Blackpool taxi owners. If you are a member you can get some great deals on advertising!

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