Blackpool Traffic Updates

We are not a political organisation. We exist only to promote the taxi trade in Blackpool. But we will not hesitate to make comments about issues which we feel that need to be aired. We regularly provide feedback to the Council on issues such as traffic congestion and taxi ranks.

Unfortunately the Council and the Dept for Transport ignored our advice and decided to press ahead with the Tramway extension. Years of disruption followed. Currently most of this is in the Wilko area.

To view current traffic problems type ‘Blackpool’ into the map below and click search, this will then provide current road issues.

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Current Traffic Issues and Lobying

The Tramway Extension is an unfortunate fact in Blackpool. Sadly, it seems there were insufficient objections, despite the best efforts of the taxi trade. After many delays it now seems to be progressing. At the moment most of the traffic delays are in the Wilko area. We can expect the northern end of High Street to be closed soon and to stay closed for 6 months!