Hackney Taxi Fare Prices Myth Buster

Hackney Taxis comply with council rates:

Tariff 1£2.60 start then 20p every 200 yards.  30p extra for luggage and passengers after first passenger.

Private Hire Cab rates:

Tariff 1from £2.00 to £2.50, they vary due to time and day. 10p to 20p every 100 to 200 yards.  15p to 30p extra for luggage and passengers after the first passenger.

Points to note:

  1. Hackney Taxis will nearly always be a higher start rate, however, the actual complete fare cost can be lower than private hire cab.  It depends on how the private hire fares are structured for the time of day etc.
  2. Private hire cabs alter their fares to just come in under the Hackney Taxi council rates, bottom line is, you save pennies and the Traditional Black Cab gives far better comfort and space with a higher seating capacity and luggage carry abilities.  Example: Five or Six passengers will fit into a traditional black taxis with luggage.  Alternatively it would be two 4 seater saloon cabs from a private hire costing twice as much.
  3. Private Hire Cabs can not be flagged down on the streets or pickup from Taxi Ranks.  The cabs insurance is void if either example takes place and the driver is committing a licensing offence. 
  4. Hackney Taxis can be pre-booked by telephone, there are a few networks within Blackpool, one being BLT on 01253 365365.
  5. Most traditional Black Taxis afford wheelchair access and a versatile load carrying capacity.


If your visiting Blackpool or a local resident, use the Hackney Taxis:

Flag them down – visit a Rank – or call 01253 365 365