BLTOA are requesting assistance from the whole Blackpool Taxi Trade

BLTOA are starting a Data collection exercise on Pit Test Failure Points, they are requesting assistance from all the Blackpool taxi trade to inform BLTOA what failure points required a retest or have taken the Taxi off the road.

With the amount of Tests occurring on a weekly basis at the council test centre, the data will start to show trends quickly, the data can be used as factual evidence based information to support any issues the trade has with the test centres performance. Plus, identify persistent weak points that fail on a regular basis, and allow owners to better prepare for the test.

BLTOA are aiming to start the process from the 4th October, we are requesting the following information is emailed:

Email to:  if WhatsApp is an easier option just ask one of the Committee for a number. Or, ask one of the committee to take a picture of the test sheet when out working. 
Copy of the failure sheet (photo or scanned copy)
Type of vehicle (Saloon, Bomber, E7, Vito, Electric etc)
Date and time of test.

In order for the data to be 100% credible, the best option is to email the failure sheet, however if that’s not possible please list the failure points in the email but that will lower the creditability of the data.

One area we are keen to understand is on one vehicle points are written as advisory but on another vehicle they are failures, the failure sheet will provide this information, it will help the process if the failure sheet is always emailed as that contains advisory points also.

BLTOA also require the name of the tester and the failure sheet includes that.

Once again, the data collection will be more valuable if all the trade get involved, please assist the collection and send the failure sheet.