There are times when we give valid advice to the Council on issues that affect traffic. One of these was when they planned on narrowing the Promenade and using block paving. Big mistake we said, the paving will break and traffic congestion will occur. But they went ahead and we know the outcome.

Very soon the paving had to be replaced. As far as the Promenade road layout is concerned, they paid some consultants to make recommendations. They came down on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, said everything is ok and pocketed thousands of pounds. We live with the consequences.

The extension of the tramway up Talbot Road is another example of taxi drivers giving traffic advice and being ignored. Were the objections counted in an accurate or valid way? Too late now, they have nearly completed it. Years late and presumably way over budget. The terms of the scheme were that any overspend was down to the local Council to find. Not that such figures have been published.